“I thrive by making a positive impact.” Free Thrive Quiz to help you discover your team’s drivers

With September ranking as one of the hottest months for employees to embark on a job search, measuring your team’s engagement is crucial. Take action now and boost productivity, improve job satisfaction and enhance employee retention.


In a fast-paced world of deadlines and demands, knowing for sure whether your team members are truly thriving, both in their professional and personal lives, can be a challenge.

Enter our new Thrive Quiz, a new tool that aims to help you discover your team’s potential, understand their motivations and equip you with tools to support them on their journey to success and happiness.

The Thrive Quiz’s tested methodology analyses team member’s answers to carefully designed questions anchored around 12 key drivers that influence work and home life, from work-life balance and autonomy at work, to having a sense of purpose and fostering close relationships.

To get started, click the link below to generate an individual quiz link to send around to your team. You will then receive a personalised report that highlights the biggest drivers that fuel your team's performance and the areas where they might require more support.

Generate your unique Thrive Quiz link

We’ve already gained valuable insight into what makes our own team members thrive. By understanding what motivates them and what challenges they face, we’ve been able to better tailor our support to ensure they continue to thrive.


Posted 7 months ago

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