Visa & Onboarding

Ideal for clients who are recruiting candidates from overseas – we can ensure your new candidates have the required background checks and Visa’s to work in your country. ​

Key features:
  • We have a lot of experience supporting a range of iqama visa’s regarding transferability, validity, and renewal for candidates across the region

  • We conduct the full onboarding service including reference checks, medicals, background checks etc.

  • We’re familiar with location-specific onboarding practices whereby we need to source for candidates holding specific iqama visa’s for transfer

  • Our dedicated back office compliance team have a 100% pass rate of our clients’ audit’s

Why you’ll love it:
  • Less strain on your internal HR partners, leading to a speedier onboarding time

  • Save costs, compared to using your own internal function

  • Fully vetted candidates, ready to work in your location

  • During COVID-19, our team has successfully onboarded remotely for our clients