Managed Interview Days

Ideal for businesses with deadlines to meet or who want to reduce their time spent interviewing the wrong candidates and increase successful appointments. Argyll Scott manage an end-to-end half day or full day of interviews including all preparation, interview set up and debriefing of candidates, giving you the freedom to sit down, interview the best people available and select your new talent by the end of the day. ​

​Key features:
  • Ability to hire multiple candidates fast

  • Reduce time to hire from search to hire within days. Full teams hired within weeks

  • Interview process is managed by us onsite, quickly and effectively, allowing your management team to focus on their day job

  • Catered lunch is included for all interviewers

Why you’ll love it:
  • Secure larger projects based on knowing you can scale quickly

  • Better return on investment - you can get your project off the ground quicker and speed up the delivery, thus increase your bottom line

  • Removes the need for hiring managers to review CVs and conduct phone interviews, reducing your “time to hire” by 66% on average, meaning your staff can spend more time doing what they are best at

  • A dedicated point of contact in your office means you always have access to someone and real visibility over what’s happening at any given time