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Ryan Tagg



Ryan Tagg

Ryan leads our Sales and Marketing practice across the Middle East, Africa and India. He has a wealth of experience from the UK across multiple functions within consumer goods and surrounding industries. He has proven experience placing mid to executive level appointments and growing key accounts. Ryan is massively passionate about candidates and clients alike as well as growing and developing teams. Outside of work he is passionate about travelling, sports and music!



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    We have always said “disrupt or be disrupted” – we weren’t expecting this level of disruption!

    How do you lead your people with integrity thro...

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    FaceTime or face-to-face? What does the future of work look like?

    I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that J...

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    Webinar recording: Reopening the workplace and re-imagining HR after COVID-19

    Irrespective of your industry, there’s no doubt...

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    Argyll Scott turns 10!

    We're celebrating Argyll Scott's 10th birthday!...

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