Supplying two new tech teams for a global Telecommunication company

The challenge:

Our client, a global telecommunication corporation, wanted to be the leading innovator of global fleet management through micro-sim implementation in civilian and government remits. They needed two new teams with the right technical skillsets to provide an optimized, secure, digital experience for their portfolio of high-profile clients. They engaged us to search internationally for the right talent because job boards had not worked for them and when they had got to the offer stage with candidates, they had struggled to get any to commit to the international relocation.

Our solution:

As the domestic talent pool was limited, we began our international search by identifying the economic or professional pain points for candidates in other regions to create a compelling case for a relocation opportunity. We then supported all interested candidates through detailed interview preparation, relocation guidance, then stayed on throughout onboarding, given it was a huge step and significant for many of the candidates.

The outcome:

  • We provided 15 new hires within three months from a completely greenfield candidate pool outside the region

  • These 15 candidates made up the two new teams which started the new project on schedule

  • As a result of this work, we signed an 18-month contract of exclusivity to carry out all Technology recruitment for the client, both domestic and international

  • We have since also supporting the hiring of other divisions within the company, covering Legal, HR, and Finance