A contingent search project for a leading UAE law firm

The challenge:

Our client, a leading law firm, needed a new HR Manager at a mid to senior level, with regional experience, to start and complete a handover in Abu Dhabi before the outgoing manager relocated back to the UK. The firm had previously engaged another agency who had not managed to meet the criteria for a candidate with strong knowledge of labour laws, as well as performance management and recruitment expertise.

Our solution:

The specific requirements meant that the talent pool was very small and soon exhausted, but our credibility in the market meant that the firm was persuaded to rework the criteria a little to widen our search options. Our network of referrals soon meant we could produce a shortlist.

The outcome:

  • The position was successfully filled with a candidate who would have been rejected based on the original criteria

  • We filled the role so quickly that the outgoing manager was able to handover to our candidate before their relocation, which was of huge benefit to the business