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The Art of Fighting without Fighting

Now that I’ve caught your attention…let me ask, What Style Are You? Let me take you back to the 1973 big screen hit “Enter the Dragon”. It is in this film that we all witnessed Bruce Lee demonstrating the ‘art of fighting without fighting’ in which he shrewdly avoided a conflict by not allowing it to happen in the first place. This quote has been analyzed and discussed over and over, with hundreds of theories and interpretations. One way to interpret it is that you should avoid physical battles if at all possible. The best way to win a fight is not to fight at all. I prefer to interpret this quote as another way of saying going with the flow of things and using your energy wisely. Applying this philosophy into the world of recruitment, I often find recruiters are constantly battling to chase advertised leads, competing against a multitude of external recruitment agencies, internal talent acquisition teams and increased use of various online recruitment platforms – often chasing their tail constantly. Instead, recruiters should channel their energies into building a trusted brand with their contacts and putting themselves in a position to be considered as an exclusive recruitment partner. How? Adopt a mindset of ‘Market Mastery’ - learning your market and client landscape through engaging intelligently with your contacts and getting face-time with them. Realistically speaking, we will never have a relationship with every company and every candidate; therefore, market mastery also includes knowing that there is no finishing line and that it needs a constant evolution of contacts at various stages of development. Don’t Waste Yourself… Author: Mani Rakhra, Associate Director of Human Resources and Accounting & Finance at Argyll Scott Hong Kong Contact Mani on - See more at: something here...

Posted over 7 years ago

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